Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sWiMMinG YeAh

Kisses.....oh I love it!!

Nevada and her floaty she doesn't look like she was too brave but she definantly was a little dare devil!!!

We went to Lava today swimming I was a little nervous about taking two kids but luckily Gina braved it with us and we all had a really good time, everything went really good and the kids LOVED the water!!!

Recent happenings

Kash watching Daddy and Devon
Nevada Jordan and Kash all taking a turn!!

such a stud!
little diva!!
I love them!!!
I just gave Cassidee her first pony......I HAD too!!

Well lately it has been crazy seems like we are always running! The kids love being outside and want to be all the time, we are trying to work on the house every spare minute and Josh is helping his parents in getting the chicken plant going so life has been crazy!! ~~~~~so here are some pics from the last couple of days!!

HaPpY BIrtHdAY KaSh!!

cake time....yeah

he was so sleepy!!
Nevada helping her brother!!
Mom I want my toy!!!
forget opening it I will just get on now!
Sandra and Kash playing on the 4 wheeler.....he wouldn't get off!!

Grandpa open it hurry~~

So we just had Kash's first birthday party, it is so sad that my baby is already one!! We had it a couple of weeks late trying to work around some things! We had a really good time and enjoyed the time we spent with everyone that came.


So we have still been working on our house and we are finally getting closer YEAH! Michael (Gina's friend) and his dad, got a backhoe and brought it over to the house so we could rip out all of the over grown trees! It looks so much better and it went by so fast, we would still be digging out those trees!! Thanks Michael and Mike!!! Nevada rode in the backhoe for awhile but obviously didn't wan t her picture taken!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have to tell the cute thing Nevada said today, she has quite the imagination and is so innocent I love it.......So it was a little windy outside and we were just pulling into Arimo, when we stopped to talk to Gina for a few minutes when Nevada said" mom look at those trees they are dancing!!!!" I laughed and told, her "yep sis they are dancing!"Then when we pulled into our driveway she said " mom my trees are dancing too, just like me see!?!!" ( as she begins to wiggle) I just thought it was so cute! I love all the cute things she has been saying lately, it makes all the hard times so worth it!!I love my little Diva!!!