Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kite flying

Nevada's Kite Stuck
Nevada upset cause she thought her kite was ruined
Dad helping Kash fly his kite
What a good Daddy :)
Kash's Kite
Man cub flying his kite
Harlie Rae
Josh bought each of the older kids a kite awhile ago and it was finally windy enough to fly them. Kash thought it was fun at first but it didn't take him very long to get bored with it........imagine that. Nevada liked it more, until her kite got stuck in the antenna on the house and by the time Dad got it unstuck, she didn't want to fly it anymore. I love the very very short attention span, that all 3 of our children were blessed with, well I love it most of the time! :)

Preschool Graduate!! YAY

Nevada and Mrs. Zee
Nevada and Papa Kent
Cute girl at graduation
Nevada and Harlie, Harlie was so so grouchy :)
Cowboy Kash and the little graduate
So Pretty
It's probably a good thing Nevada and Parker weren't in the same class, cause they sure hit it off at graduation and could not stop talking! :)
Nevada just graduated from preschool on May 24, 2011. We are so proud of her, she has learned so much. She loves to write her name and writes it on EVERYTHING!!! Nevada went to preschool, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 12:30 to 3:00 in the afternoon. Nevada's teacher was Mrs. Zinda Welch from Downey, she was amazing, she was so good with the kids and all of the kids just adore her. At graduation they were "going to the moon" and when it was Nevadas turn , Mrs. Zee asked Nevada what she was taking to the moon, Nevada replied "my mom, my dad, my grandpa and strawberry ice cream!!" ha ha Nevada is so so excited to go to the big kid school and that she gets to ride the school bus. Ever since Nevada was just little, she would always ask when she would get to ride the school bus, and when always just answered, "when you turned 5, you could ride the bus" well here we are she will be 5 in a couple of weeks and she is all registered for kindergarten.We are so not ready for it, I really didn't think it would be this hard letting your baby go to school. But I know Nevada will do amazing in school, she is very smart and she loves getting to meet new people. We love you Nevada and we are so excited for you to go to the big school and meet lots of new friends !!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today, we went fishing as a family, I am not much of a fisherman at ALL! But we got a bunch of snacks, the sun was shining, Josh wasn't at work, and I wanted out of the house, so I agreed to go along. I always am teasing Josh of that, he likes fishing but in the 7 years I've been with him, I've never seen him catch a fish, :) I always ask him if he really knows how!. ha ha
So we headed out to Hawkins, and Harlie has been running a fever so she fell asleep on our way there, so we parked right by where we were going to be fishing rolled the windows down and let her stay sleeping. Josh forgot to bring some sinkers so we were pretty creative and made some of our own. Well surprise surprise, Nevada and Kash didn't take long before they ended up getting in the water, they are such fish.....Josh kept telling them to be careful or they were going to fall down in the water while they were wading, and get soaking wet. Well Josh decided to cast again and when he threw out the line he lost his balance and about fell in, he slid clear down right to the water, I could not stop laughing it was so funny, although it would have more have made my day, had he gone all the way in!!! I love the pictures I got right after, Josh is laughing so hard :) Well after about 2 hours of catching NOTHING :) HA HA we went for a drive. I love days that we get to spend as a family, even if we don't catch any FISH :)

Friday, May 20, 2011


a couple of weeks ago Nevada got a little spot on her belly that was about the size of a pencil eraser, I just assumed it was her eczema flaring up and it would go away. But by the end of the week it was about the size of a quarter, and there was another little spot right next to it, so I thought we better get it looked at. Harlie had a well child check up so I kept Nevada out of school and just took her with me so Dr. Denton could look at it. Dr. Denton said it looked like an eczema breakout and to treat it with her prescription and if that didn't help then it could be ringworm..........gross. So we started treating it and it kept growing and growing when she got about 50 spots I was like okay it has to be something else this is only getting worse. So I called the doctor and got another appointment and Dr. Denton took one look at her and said "oh that's pityriasis rosea!" What on the world is that I thought......Well it is very rare and they don't have an exact answer for where it comes from and there is no way to treat it, just over about 6 weeks it will go away. It isn't contagious and it usually just is on their tummy and back and on the back of their necks. Nevada is such a sport with it, she shows whoever wants to see it. I'm so glad that she has such good confidence and she doesn't sweat the little stuff. We love this little girl she teaches us so much everyday. If only I had about 1/2 of the confidence this little girl has, I would have it made! :) We love you sis, thanks for being you and teaching mom and dad!

Squishy fingers.....

Kash comes up with some of the funniest things, the other night we were over at my parents house and Nevada had found a ladybug and she was packing it around on a stick. Nevada gave me very strict orders to watch the ladybug and don't let anyone touch him. Kash came over to me and said " I want to hold the wadybug....." "No" I said "you'll squish him" Kash thought for a minute and looked at his fingers very closely and said "No I won't, I don't have squishy finners!" That child and his personality........

Monday, May 16, 2011

Camp site hunting......

Kash and the jumping fish!
Miss Rae

I <3 this man
Little Diva girl!
Josh and I are in charge of our family reunion this year, so today we decided to go by and look at Oneida reservoir and Twin Lakes. Well its been 10 years since I have been to Oneida and Josh has never been there, so we put Oneida Reservoir in the navigation and away we went. After driving about an hour and twenty minutes, I told Josh that I don't remember it being this far, but finally we made it there, and the reservoir is so low but the river on both sides of it is really high, so I don't know if they are going to open the dam and fill it or what. Anyways since we had driven so far we decided to get out of the car for awhile and let the kids play. It was fun just to watch them run around and throw rocks, Josh was a little upset with me cause I told him not to bring his fishing pole (I hate fishing!!) and there were fish jumping everywhere. I even got one jumping in the background of one of the pictures I was taking of Kash. :) It got cold so we loaded the kids back up and away we went, we decided we would go out the other way and sure enough, It was lots lots faster. ha ha ha we had driven about 45 minutes too far!! Wretched navigation....... On our way home we stopped by Twin Lakes and it is really really high. So now we are trying to decide where we should hold the Reunion. We had such a nice time today, no schedule no special time to be nowhere it was kinda fun going the WRONG WAY, I enjoyed it, quality family time today! :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Kash loves to pray and he thinks anytime someone else is praying, that he needs to pray too. So in church Kash is saying quite a few prayers. :) Kashs prayers usually consist of "thank you for my checher (teacher), thank you for my guys (his action figures), thank you for this food, thank you for my mom, dad, ada and harwee. I love Jesus amen!" When Kash is praying he thinks there is no reason to say it quietly, let everyone hear his prayers.

A couple of days after Easter, Kash was sitting at the table waiting for dinner, as I was finishing a few things up, I was listening to Kash rambling on talking to Nevada, Kash says "those bad guys put pokies in Jesus hands, those bad guys put pokies in his feets too, and those bad guys put pokies in hims head too, " By now I'm really listening and so is Nevada, so I turn to Kash and said "then what happened Kash?" Kash said " Then mom the bad guys hunged him up on a cross and Jesus died mom." By now I'm really starting to tear up, On Easter Sunday it was such a horrible morning, the kids were being so naughty and grouchy, I couldn't find someones shoes, Josh's shirt needed ironed and I couldn't find anything to wear and I could swear that there was absolutely, no way we were going to make it to church by nine, nothing was going right, I kept asking Josh "Josh why are we doing this? We are a mess?!"but we went anyways and at this moment it is confirming as to why we go to church, we want our kids to have the knowledge we were raised with. So I sat down next to Kash and asked him "what happened next?" Kash Said " mom Jesus died and they put him behind a big wock, and then Jesus spirit came back to him and he moved the big wock, and him camed back to life." I was so proud of him, and so grateful that we kept chugging that morning to make it to church, I am also so grateful for such a patient nursery leader to teach him, he loves Connie, she is amazing.

We love you man cub, thank you for keeping us on our toes! :)