Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a week.!!!!!

This week has been so crazy..........last week Kash started his throwing up thing again, he is not sick, when he was about 14 months he started this and they treated it like reflux, which didn't really make sense cause to cure reflux is too grow and we all know he has done plenty of that, anyways they put him on some meds for it, it seemed to be working until this week. SO I called the doctor they wanted to see him on Monday, so we go in then put him on 2 different types of meds and send us home, I was so frusterated cause lets find the real problem here. So Tuesday I go to the doctor and do my gluclose test and of course the lady drawing my blood had a hard time and ends up trying to get it in both arms, kinda annoying and a little painful when she is rolling the needle around in my arm trying to find a vein!! Wednesday, Josh has had some high blood pressure so we wanted to get that looked at, so we go for him, they do a EKG and chest x ray and some blood work and everything turned out okay he is healthy!! Thursday Kash has still been throwing up and it has been EVERYTHING and I am getting a little nervous okay ALOT nervous now, so they tell us to bring him in, I take him in again and he has lost 2 pounds in almost 2 days, and they are pretty nervous now so they admit us to the hospital to run some test on him, well he was WAY dehydrated so giving him his IV took almost 2 hours, while that is taking place Josh and I are down the hall listening to our baby scream and us taking turns breaking down into tears, (luckily Josh had taken off Thursday and Friday to work on the house and our anniversary, cause I couldn't have done that alone!) Then they bring Kash back and he has over 20 attempts to get an IV in him all over his body! SO sad!!!! They kept calling other nurses to come and try beacuse no one was getting it! It was so hard! Meanwhile a doctor came in to talk to us and tell us some of the tests they are going to run, one check his levels for everything, and do a swallow study on him, and if those are both normal they are going to do some tests on his brain cause I guess when there is a tumor it causes throwing up, I am a complete wreak at this point, but I want to find out what is wrong with my little man. Friday morning they come in to get Kash to do the swallow study, and they do let Josh go with him and that looks completly normal, we got the blood tests back and that all looks good except his amonia level in his body is a little high and they want to run more tests on that. Finally our Dr. comes in and boy was I glad to see him and he says the test were normal and he doesn't know what is wrong with Kash but he is not worried about his brain cause his movements are normal, so he calls a Dr. down at primary childrens and that Dr. said reflux doesn't make sense to him either, where Kash is 18 months and he wants to see him and do a scope on him, it is where they will put a camera down his throat and look and see if everything is working right. So we are going there next week, to see if they can figure it out. Friday night they release us, and give us some more meds, and we go get Nevada and we are all ready for bed at this point, well right before bed Nevada starts throwing up, and telling us she doesn't feel good, so we get her tucked into bed and she throws up all night long, but Saturady she was feeling alot better,( I think she was way worn out, I also had opened at the store on Wednesday and Thursday cause my mom had been so sick so she had been drug out of bed at 6:30 in the morning 2 mornings in a row and then ended up staying at Grandmas all week.) So Saturday gets here Josh and I get up to go work on our house some more, we work till the evening forgetting to feed ourselves ha ha and so we decide to go out for dinner (cause our anniversary was on Friday and we had been in the hospital with Kash,) so we head into town and go to sizzler and eat and by this time Josh is not feeling well so we go home and Josh starts throwing up, and he goes straight to bed so the kids and I stay up and snuggle and watch a movie. Then we decide we better get to bed so we can make it too church in time and then Kash starts throwing up, I was so tired of throw up I could scream but at the same time I wanted to Just cry because I want to know whats wrong with him! He has thrown up everyday since we got home I hope he can make it till our appointment next week!!! So there is our week I am ready for it to be over and start a new one!!! On a good note on Thursday Josh got all of our plumbing done at our house and we are having our electrical inspector come this week I am so excited!!!!