Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Christmas Party

Gina, Brenda and Emma giggling about what was in Brenda's present lol

We had the Family party for my side of the family on Sunday. Nick and Lisa were in charge so we all met at their house for a night of laughing, food, and just good company....Each family draws a family to buy a present for and this year we had Brenda and Josh's family, then we all bring white elephant gifts (funny ones! ) and then the kids do a little white elephant gift exchange with limit of $2. We had so much fun and I was almost sick from laughing so hard and eating so much ha ha!
Emma thinking she got ripped off Grandma (my mom) carefully opened a box a chocolates and took bites out of almost all of the chocolates (with a little help from Gina and I ) and completely ate some of them, it was so funny, she had sealed the plastic back around the box and everything, you couldn't even tell it had been opened!! ha ha
Lisa Ann a little nervous about what could be inside ha ha

Paysha and her "life kit"lol
Juan and his hillbilly "brief" case ha ha ha I loves making these lol

The grand kids and their gift exchange
I love my family so much, we are so blessed . They are always there for us and willing to help us out if we need it, we always have so much fun when we all get together! Thanks for the very fun Christmas Party!

Miss Rae

Harlie loves to wear shoes, doesn't matter if she is dressed or not or even if the shoes fit or not.....This is her right after she got out of the bath the other night.........

Christmas program

Nevada had her very first Christmas program with the School, she loved it, she loves singing dancing and being with all of her friends. She did so good we are so proud of her.....We can't believe we already have a kid in school ha ha!
Notice the hand down the shirt? lol Nevada has eczema and she got it really bad on her chest for awhile and was constantly itching it, so now when she gets nervous, or bored this is how we find her lol !

Kash......busy body!!!

Kash is so so busy he runs and runs all day long and hardly ever stops, we have to force him to slow down for bed, when Kash finally stops for ONE minute he is out cold.....This is how I found him the other afternoon!

Decorating our TREE

We got our tree about a week ago, I LOVE getting the real trees I love the smell it leaves in my house, the looks ( no fake tree looks as good as the real ones!) and the way it makes my vacuum smell after I vacuum! We are all so so excited for Christmas this year!! Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Water on your "statue!"

Last night we went to the hot baths in Lava as a family. The kids had so much fun, they love the water........We drank all of one of our drinks and Kash was using the bottle and filling it up with water and dumping it on all of us, so Kash filled up the water bottle and walked behind Josh and said "dad I am dumping it on your "Statue! " ha ha" What he was meaning to say was on your tattoo.....ha ha. I love the things kids say!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Nevada had her very first half time performance with Cheerleading on Wednesday night. They did so good! I was so proud of my little dancer out there, she sure loves to perform!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Here are our two little beautiful Fairy Princesses and our handsome Woody.....

Nevada Jo

I sure do love this little Diva she is growing up so fast! When I watch Nevada I can totally see myself in a lot of the things she does, She is her mamas child, she is constantly doing her hair, painting her nails, putting on makeup, and changing her clothes. Nevada is such a good big sister, she loves her brother and sister so much and you can see it when she talks to them! Nevada LOVES to dance, right now she is in a tumbling class and a cheer leading class. She just learned how to do back bends from standing up and she does them everywhere, walking through stores, going out to the car, going to the kitchen, you name it, anywhere this child goes she is either doing back bends or cartwheels to get there..... :) she loves to draw and she is getting so good at it, she will sit down with a notebook and a pen and draw for hours.. I love that she will just randomly decide she wants to snuggle, and its not very often so I try to drop everything so she can have her moments! I love that she demands a good night kiss EVERY night, I love it! Nevada baby girl you are growing up so fast. We love you so much!


This is our Grandma Raeola, the Grandma that little miss Harlie Rae was named after! We sure love her and love to go visit with her. We sure treasure the time we get to spend with her, and Grandma never forgets to remind us that Harlie was supposed to be named Penny! :) When we go to Grandma's she always has these singing toys that go with the holidays, like a witch for Halloween or Santa for Christmas, etc. But we always seem to have one kid that is scared to death of the singing toys....This time it was a witch, and Harlie was having nothing to do with it she would scream and say "i ont ant it!!!" ( I DON'T WANT IT!) ha ha ha

Kash the CRAZY chicken....

So a couple of weeks ago, Kash found Harlie's costume from last year.........Size 9 months.......well Kash being the " Mr. Funny Guy" as we call him, he SQUEEZED......I mean SQUEEZED into it, he put the hat part on and he couldn't even hardly turn his head it was so tight lol.....What a goof ball, I am keeping these pictures around for his future dating years, I am sure someone will appreciate them someday!!! Ha ha Love my little Funny Man!

our pumpkins...

Here are a few pics of the pumpkins we carved, the kids were loving it at first, but then they quickly got bored of it so Dad and Mom had to finish them all up :) We were so surprised that even Harlie was helping, cause she doesn't usually like to get dirty!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Picking Pumpkins.....

This year we actually went to a farm to pick our pumpkins, not just getting them at win co like we usually do :) We went to Swire Farms out in Chubbuck. It had just rained so we were advised to just pick our pumpkins out of the green house, which I liked cause it was quick (it was freezing outside), and they had a ton of pumpkins to choose from. So enjoy a few pics from our Pumpkin Pickin'

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Funny Video

We went to the fair as a family, and I had to post this video, Josh was eating some crawdads......sick.... and Us girls were so disgusted,especially Harlie Rae she was so funny! We love our girly girls!! :)

Monday, August 22, 2011


Well today was the day..........We sent Little Miss Diva off to kindergarten, she was so so EXCITED, Josh and I.......Um not so much, it was so hard for both of us, I am glad I had some good company :) We know she is going to love it, and we know she will make lots and lots of friends, but it is still hard sending your baby to school!!

Monday, July 25, 2011


I can't even begin to believe that little Miss Nevada Jo is 5 years old. Time has gone by so so fast..... We are so not ready to put Nevada in kindergarten but she is so excited to go......When I think about Nevada right now......
SMART- she is so smart, she picks up on everything she tries so fast, and she loves learning new things, IMAGINATION- Nevada has such an imagination she is often talking and play with her "friends" she makes us laugh constantly, When she is playing, she will change her voice for "everyone" talking! :) GOOD SISTER- Nevada is such a awesome big sister, she is always so willing to help with Harlie and Kash, she loves to teach them everything she knows :) ART- Nevada LOVES to color, draw, paint, and write, she will sit for hours upon hours coloring or drawing or writing words. FRIENDLY- Nevada is so so friendly, she loves kids and wants to be friends with anyone, she is oh so far from being shy. GIRLIE- she is so girlie she loves having her hair done, her nails painted, makeup and playing dress up. ANIMAL LOVER- Nevada LOVES animals any kind of animals, Josh caught a mouse in a trap a couple of months ago and leave it to Nevada to call the thing "CUTE" sick...... OUTSIDE- Nevada loves being outside, riding her bike, camping, playing on the swing set, and going for walks, a couple of days ago we were camping and Nevada came up to me and asked "if we could stay for 10 days?" ha ha SWIMMING- oh my little fish she loves swimming, on the same camping trip, she was in the water ALL day and I'm not kidding, she got in the lake at 10 in the morning and got out for about 5 minutes at a time to eat and didn't get out for good until 8:30 :) DANCE- this little lady loves to dance if she is watching TV and a song comes on, she jumps up to dance while the music is playing ha ha, she loves to make up her own little dances and having you come watch her "show" ha ha We are so blessed to have Nevada in our family, we love her so much! Here are a few pics from her birthday......Nevada and her cousin Hayden are only 13 days apart so they had a party on the same day!