Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3D ultrasound!

WOAH......it has been a long time, today was a good day Josh took the day off and we went and had our 3D ultrasound done, I think they are so neat, although they do freak out some people,
I enjoy them. It kinda made reality hit me and Josh we both on the way home were like wow not too much longer and we will be meeting that little baby, we still don't know the sex of the baby. Kinda hard not to just find out today but we were good, I am now at 28 weeks, Josh is still saying a girl and I have no idea! ;)


  1. How fun! I love those ultrasounds too. Only 12 more weeks!

  2. I love them!!! Did you have to ask to have the 3-d ultrasound? I can't believe how cool they are. You have a super cute baby, and it still has 12 or should I say 14 weeks left! =)