Sunday, June 12, 2011

Counting Our Blessings!

We had such a scary day at the farm the other day, we are counting our many blessings.......
Josh's cousin Amber and her husband brought a dog down to the farm for us to have, and so the dog can watch over the sheep, Josh took all 3 kids so they could meet the dog, and I was taking some family pictures for some people. They took the dog out to the pasture and led her around, so she would know the boundaries. After they got the dog settled in they went up by the barn and were just talking. Josh was getting ready to leave so he put Nevada and Kash in the tahoe and just set the keys in the cup holder. Josh went to say goodbye to Amber and her husband, when Josh and Amber decided to take one last look at the dog, when Josh and Amber headed to the pasture, they heard Nevada scream, Kash had got the keys started the tahoe and somehow got it in reverse.......... and the tahoe was picking up speed going backwards down hill WITH THE DOOR OPEN, with Kash steering. Amber's husband took off running for the tahoe to try to reach in and get the tahoe in gear to slow it down, just about the time he got to the tahoe it hit some big pieces of steel right in front of the grain bin, and it slammed him in the door. So so scary Josh said the tahoe was bouncing cause it was going so fast and hit so hard. Nevada was thrown to the back of the tahoe ( she was standing between the front two seats) and Kash was somehow still in the drivers seat and hadn't fallen out. Josh was so shaking up by this he called me in tears (trying to be tough :( ) and said "honey i almost lost my whole world, by me being irresponsible! " Everyone is okay just a little shakin up and the tahoe is okay just a couple of big scratches in the plastic part on the bumper. We still don't know how Kash even got the car in reverse without having his foot on the break, I am so so grateful everyone is okay. What a learning experience on how your whole life can change in a split second. I am so Thankful for all I have and that our kids are okay!!

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