Monday, July 25, 2011


I can't even begin to believe that little Miss Nevada Jo is 5 years old. Time has gone by so so fast..... We are so not ready to put Nevada in kindergarten but she is so excited to go......When I think about Nevada right now......
SMART- she is so smart, she picks up on everything she tries so fast, and she loves learning new things, IMAGINATION- Nevada has such an imagination she is often talking and play with her "friends" she makes us laugh constantly, When she is playing, she will change her voice for "everyone" talking! :) GOOD SISTER- Nevada is such a awesome big sister, she is always so willing to help with Harlie and Kash, she loves to teach them everything she knows :) ART- Nevada LOVES to color, draw, paint, and write, she will sit for hours upon hours coloring or drawing or writing words. FRIENDLY- Nevada is so so friendly, she loves kids and wants to be friends with anyone, she is oh so far from being shy. GIRLIE- she is so girlie she loves having her hair done, her nails painted, makeup and playing dress up. ANIMAL LOVER- Nevada LOVES animals any kind of animals, Josh caught a mouse in a trap a couple of months ago and leave it to Nevada to call the thing "CUTE" sick...... OUTSIDE- Nevada loves being outside, riding her bike, camping, playing on the swing set, and going for walks, a couple of days ago we were camping and Nevada came up to me and asked "if we could stay for 10 days?" ha ha SWIMMING- oh my little fish she loves swimming, on the same camping trip, she was in the water ALL day and I'm not kidding, she got in the lake at 10 in the morning and got out for about 5 minutes at a time to eat and didn't get out for good until 8:30 :) DANCE- this little lady loves to dance if she is watching TV and a song comes on, she jumps up to dance while the music is playing ha ha, she loves to make up her own little dances and having you come watch her "show" ha ha We are so blessed to have Nevada in our family, we love her so much! Here are a few pics from her birthday......Nevada and her cousin Hayden are only 13 days apart so they had a party on the same day!


  1. I can't believe she is going to be in just grow up WAY too fast!! :)

  2. I can't believe how big she is! Hunter will be 5 in September so he won't start school until next year... that's good for me. I'm going to bawl when he starts school!