Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nevada Jo

I sure do love this little Diva she is growing up so fast! When I watch Nevada I can totally see myself in a lot of the things she does, She is her mamas child, she is constantly doing her hair, painting her nails, putting on makeup, and changing her clothes. Nevada is such a good big sister, she loves her brother and sister so much and you can see it when she talks to them! Nevada LOVES to dance, right now she is in a tumbling class and a cheer leading class. She just learned how to do back bends from standing up and she does them everywhere, walking through stores, going out to the car, going to the kitchen, you name it, anywhere this child goes she is either doing back bends or cartwheels to get there..... :) she loves to draw and she is getting so good at it, she will sit down with a notebook and a pen and draw for hours.. I love that she will just randomly decide she wants to snuggle, and its not very often so I try to drop everything so she can have her moments! I love that she demands a good night kiss EVERY night, I love it! Nevada baby girl you are growing up so fast. We love you so much!

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