Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Christmas Party

Gina, Brenda and Emma giggling about what was in Brenda's present lol

We had the Family party for my side of the family on Sunday. Nick and Lisa were in charge so we all met at their house for a night of laughing, food, and just good company....Each family draws a family to buy a present for and this year we had Brenda and Josh's family, then we all bring white elephant gifts (funny ones! ) and then the kids do a little white elephant gift exchange with limit of $2. We had so much fun and I was almost sick from laughing so hard and eating so much ha ha!
Emma thinking she got ripped off Grandma (my mom) carefully opened a box a chocolates and took bites out of almost all of the chocolates (with a little help from Gina and I ) and completely ate some of them, it was so funny, she had sealed the plastic back around the box and everything, you couldn't even tell it had been opened!! ha ha
Lisa Ann a little nervous about what could be inside ha ha

Paysha and her "life kit"lol
Juan and his hillbilly "brief" case ha ha ha I loves making these lol

The grand kids and their gift exchange
I love my family so much, we are so blessed . They are always there for us and willing to help us out if we need it, we always have so much fun when we all get together! Thanks for the very fun Christmas Party!

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  1. Did anyone in your family happen to get a pair of stained underwear?? LOL LOL