Thursday, July 30, 2009

4th of JULY

Nevada soaking wet!!

This 4th of July was a bit busier than we usually are, we somehow got drug into about running the Arimo celebration but thanks to alot of people who helped out everything went smooth! That night we decided to go to Pocatello to watch the fireworks, it was kinda looking a bit cloudy so I asked Josh "should we run by Fred Meyer and buy some umbrellas?' "no" he said "it will be gone before you know it!" So we park of course 6 blocks away and begin starts to pour and I mean really pour, so me, Josh, Nevada, Kash, mom, Brenda, Josh, Houston, Lisa and Cassidee all huddle under 1 quilt, it is kinda funny at first, then the water starts pooling on top of our "shelter" and it isn't slowing down at all! After about 10 minutes of this someone taps on Brenda's shoulder and says we can go in their garage until it stops, so we all scatter, Josh ( mine) heads who knows where, running down the street, we get his attention to come back and just to cross the street, as we are all franticly running Josh ( Brendas) about gets hit by a car I mean it was so close! THe driver about locked them up! SO we get into this car port we are all SOAKING wet and giggly! It was quite the adventure.....but one we will never forget!!!

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  1. It's one of those adventures you aren't too thrilled with at the time but can laugh at later. What a fun memory.