Thursday, August 27, 2009

our BABY!! ;)

As most of you know Josh and I are expecting our #3 baby, we are so excited. We have decided to not find out what this baby is and let it just be a surprise! It has been kinda hard......specially sitting in the ultrasound room knowing that we could just have the lady tell us, but we held strong and are going to do this! I have been feeling so good, this is the BEST I have ever felt pregnant, I am no longer throwing up and that is WAY weird for me, the baby is getting more and more active and we can't wait to meet this little person!! I am due January 19th so I am on my 20th week, so officially half way there, that part is a little scary. I am not so sure I am fully prepared to take on the challenge of 3 little kids.....but ready or not, its coming! I am sure I will have plenty of little helpers to make sure I have ALL the help I need!!! ;) Here are the ultrasound pics......

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  1. So excited for you! I loved hitting the 20 week mark too- it's the start of the countdown!