Sunday, February 28, 2010

Harlie Rae Rhead

I know it is about time I do a blog about our little Harlie Rae. Harlie was born on Monday February 1st, she was a little stinker getting here, but we are glad she is here and healthy and that's all that matters!! As most of you know my grandpa passed away on January 28th, and his viewing was on Wednesday the 3rd and the funeral was on Thursday the 4th. I was scheduled to be induced on Monday evening because I was so overdue , so after we got grandpas funeral arrangements, I was telling Josh " maybe we should see if Dr. Jones will induce me in the morning instead of the evening so if anything goes wrong I will still be able to make it to the funeral" Josh was fine with that so we called our nurse and she told Dr. Jones the situation and he said yeah for us to get there as soon as possible. ( this was Monday morning) So I called Josh at work and told him we were suppose to go up to the hospital asap, so he drove home and we got in the car and went on our way, talk about awkward car ride, I was scared, excited, emotional, and about a million other feelings. Earlier that week I asked Josh if he liked the name Harlie and he told me "no". So on this car ride Josh said " I think if its a girl we should name her Harlie!' I was so shocked, I told him "well lets see if its a girl and if she looks like a Harlie and we will go from there!" So we got to the hospital at about 11:30 a.m. and they got me started on the pill that softens your cervix at about 12:30, then I started having contractions on my own, and the babies heart rate wasn't tolerating them at all. Josh and I were a little okay with this cause Nevada had done this also when I was in labor with her. The more contractions I had, the more her little heart rate would drop, so they had me rolling from side to side and all over trying to find a happy spot for her and she wasn't having any of it, so they called my doctor and he came down and they gave me medicine to stop my contractions and to speed up both of our heart rates, that worked and she was happy, then when the medicine wore off I started having contractions again, she tolerated them for about 30 minutes, then her heart rate started dropping again and it was really dropping this time, the belly monitor wasn't picking up her heart rate at all, so again they called Dr. Jones to come down and he watched for a moment and he decided to break my water and put a monitor on her head directly so we would know exactly what her heart rate was, she was still so high they had a hard time getting the monitor on her head it took him 3 times to get it, my Dr. said he was a little nervous with the way her heart was really dropping and he started to wonder if the cord was around her neck tight, or if there was a knot in it, or that it was too short. So he told Josh and I to mentally prepare ourselves for a c-section, but that we were just going to watch it for a little longer. I of course started crying but we knew we wanted our baby here healthy, and we would do whatever it took, so we agreed that if that's what it took then that's what we would do, by this time I am really panicking about making it to the funeral, Josh tried comforting me in telling me that Grandpa knew I would really want to be there and he would understand, I knew this but I really wanted to make it. So now the babies heart rate is doing really good so they start me on the pit to really get things going, and it did, but then again after about 30 minutes the babies heart rate wasn't having it, it kept dropping. so my sweet nurse is holding my belly in one spot so the heart rate would stay up, they again stopped my contractions and we decided now was the time to get the epidural so I could relax a little, so they got my epidural in and it only worked on half of my body so they tried it again and it worked good, so they checked me and I was a 5 so they shut off the lights and I tried to get some sleep, after about 5 minutes I told Josh to go get the nurse, and he said "honey they just checked you and your a 5! " I told him no I think its time go get them, so my nurse comes in and sure enough its time, so they call my doctor and they kept telling me to "just wait" it was so hard to just wait when your body is telling you something else, in the meantime of waiting for the Dr. the babies heart rate does it again but really bad so the nurse says "forget your doctor, just go for it, this baby is scaring me" So right then in walks Dr. Jones just in time to catch our baby. It happened all really fast, I went from a 5 to baby in 19 minutes with about 7 or 8 of them waiting on my Dr., ( its okay cause I really like him!! ha ha) When she was born her cord was short so I couldn't really see what she was, and Josh just kept saying "it is, it is " I was like okay it is WHAT then he finally said " its a GIRL!" I was so excited and oh so emotional cause moments before this, little Harlie was with Grandpa and I know he was giving her advice on how to make it in this tough world!! "I couldn't stop crying I was so happy, and so amazed and sad at the same time, I wanted to ask her how it was, and how grandpa was, I miss him so much. They then took her over to weigh her and she weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces and was 21 inches long, at this time I haven't even got a good look at her and Josh calls his dad to tell him and he says "her name is Harlie Rae " So I always tease Josh cause he named her all by himself and I had no say in it, but its okay cause I look at her now and she just looks like Harlie to me! She is such a good baby, and the kids are so good with her, she sleeps so good, wakes up at about 4:30 in the morning to eat and goes right back to sleep it is so nice. We love her so much and it is amazing, we are so happy with all the love and blessings this little miracle brings into our home!!!


  1. Wow- what an emotional week! I'm glad that's all over for you. Harlie is adorable.

  2. That must have been so scary! Glad she is here and doing good. She is beautiful!

  3. Harlie fits her! She is so cute. Your family is darling!