Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well on Thursday afternoon I got a phone call from my mom that I have been trying to prepare my self for, for the last couple of months, I knew it was coming but it is so hard to really prepare yourself, you hope it is all just going to go away. My Grandpa Glenn passed away. He was such an inspiring, amazing, tough, mighty, strong, friendly, loving, joking and family man who has touched so many lives and his example throughout his life will forever be in my heart. A couple of months ago we thought grandpa wasn't going to make it so we made a mad dash down to Arizona to say what we thought were our goodbyes. But I know that through the power of the priesthood and many many answered prayers is why we were blessed with these couple more months. I am so blessed for the knowledge that I do have, that I know I will see my Grandpa again and I know that Grandpa is up in heaven giving my baby last minute advice on how to handle this crazy world!
I am going to miss him so much, miss the pizza hut trips, camping trips, card games, jokes, blowing raspberries, big bear hugs, wondering at a restaurant when the "blue card" is going to come out, the loving advice, the way "the little bird" told him things were coming, Thanksgivings, watching slide shows, the famous " BANG", chopping wood trips, head counts everywhere we went, and the way he loved his family and always showed it. He was such a great example to everyone, he knew no stranger, and the love he showed for Grandma was amazing. He has left many with an inspiration to be better, the way he was. I love you Grandps and I " will see you down the road!!"


  1. So sorry to hear about your grandpa! It is very helpful to have the knowledge we do- it really helps during these tough times.

  2. What a great tribute to your grandpa!