Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Man Cub!!

handsome boy!!
our chunky monkey

So sad
2 weeks old

Our new family Dad and his Man Cub
So Sweet
Mama about 6 1/2 months pregnant with you!

  • So Kash just had his second birthday, it is so crazy that he is two already it doesn't seem like that long ago I was jumping out of bed yelling at Josh cause my water had broke, and here it is; our little man cub is two!! Kash came into this world weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces and he never looked back he was a big baby, and chunk ed up real fast, he has always been off the charts on his size!! Kash was such a mellow baby, very well natured. Kash is our little sweetheart, and boy does he loves his mama. Kash also loves his papas, poor Kent never gets a resting moment without Kash interrupting him! He loves sports, all kinds of sports, every ball is a "b-ball" though, he loves going to watch daddy play on his coke softball team. Kash is talking like crazy, but he can't say his "r"s so we have some interesting words that come out of his little mouth, like for example not too long ago when he asked for a FORK!!! Josh and I stood there trying to figure out what he had said cause it definitely didn't sound like fork ha ha ha, another one is "dink"(drink). He definitely keeps us on our toes he is one busy little man, he rarely stops. He is famous for sneaking out of his bed, he goes to bed when HE is ready, we will turn out every light so our house is pitch black and pretty soon you can hear Kash running into everything to get to the toy box, then a few minutes later he is again running into everything again and pretty soon you are sleeping with a toy!! He could do this all night long! He is a stinker!! So Happy Birthday MAN CUB we love you so much!! WE LOVE YOU
  • giving kisses to baby constantly
  • wanting to hold Harlie 20 times a day
  • having to duck every time you say "catch" cause who knows what is being thrown
  • your love for juice.....
  • your random moments of "HUG"
  • your "motor" running in your sleep
  • playing princesses with your sister
  • your infatuation with GLOVES ( he loves gloves)
  • you finding the broom everywhere we go so you can clean
  • getting washrags and running them on EVERYTHING (daddy says your going to be our janitor)
  • love rides anything that goes "FAST" (scooter, 4 wheeler, motorcycle)
  • you went from sweet baby to BOY overnight, you don't care how high, how far, what you have to do to get something you'll get it.
  • having to put a tie down around our fridge to keep you out of it cause you thought eggs were "b-balls"
  • going to the farm, you are such a big helper!!!
  • reading books with papa, no one does it like him!!
  • your "HIT IT", "WAY FAST"," SHOOT IT"
  • your "my pot" (my spot)
  • your helping hands with papa "GUG" (doug)
  • the way you love your "me maws" (grandmas)
  • how any older lady is your "me maw" even if they are strangers!!
  • your busy little body always into something!!
  • you always wanting to " hep u" (help you)
  • "hebby" as you pack your baby sister around!!! ( SCARY)
  • the way you LOVE shoes doens't matter whos they are or if they match or even if they are on the wrong feet, who cares as long as you get to wear them!!

We love you Kash man and Happy Birthday!!!


  1. What a cutie. Hunter did the same thing with our eggs. We had to get a lock for our fridge when he started throwing them down the stairs. Hope Kash had a great birthday!

  2. What a fun little man. I can't believe all these boys are turning 2 already! :)

  3. I hope you and Kash had a great birthday. He is so adorable. Boys are definately fun.