Monday, December 6, 2010

Hello blogging world.........

So it has been so long since I have blogged its super sad!!! I don't have any pictures, I just thought I would write a little bit on whats going on in the Rhead household!!! Josh- just is doing really well he just got a new job, that we were SUPER excited about, he applied at Nucor Steel out of Plymouth Utah about a year and a half ago, and they finally got an opening and he got hired on. I am so proud of him, the crew that was hired at the time he was, he was the only guy hired from outside the Nucor company. All of the other workers were transfers from Volcraft out of Utah which is a division of Nucor. So I was so so so excited for him. He works so hard for our family, so I can stay home and be mama. I'm excited that he gets to do something he likes to do and that can actually be a career for him! I love you baby!!
Nevada Jo, she is in preschool and LOVING it. she is doing so well, she has got her name all figured out. (it took a little bit to get the V in her name, but she has it now!) She writes her name on EVERYTHING!!! Nevada loves kids, everywhere she goes she meets new friends, she is so friendly, and plays so good, she has a little friend named Eve in school and Nevada has learned to write Eves name so that too gets written all over everything too! Nevada loves reading, and showing or "teaching" Kash about everything she has learned at school. Nevada is in dance and is so excited about her christmas performance coming up the Nutcracker, she really does love to dance, anytime music comes on as she is watching TV she jumps up to dance to it! you can't let music get waisted.........ha ha. She also is in to the tumbling part of dance, she is doing cartwheels over eveything and everyone, use caution in laying on the floor at our house! :) She reminds me of myself when I was growing up.......barbies, dolls, dancing, makeup and BOYS!!!!!! We are in for it BIG TIME!!! I sure do love my little miss DIVA. She is growing up so fast, I can't hardly believe it, she is all girl, and is such a good big sister, she loves being little miss MAMa to Harlie, she is a really big help! I love her so much!
Kash Man- Man cub- oh my word, where do I begin with this little monster.........He is such a little character, he is sooooo naughty and he knows it!!!! Kash is so into cars and trucks and fast and guns and punching and "go to school when I five...." He hates that little miss Harlie is getting mobile and can get into "my stuff" now I constantly hear "Harweee NO!" Last night for example Kash would NOT stay out of stuff, Josh was constantly getting after him time after time again, after about an hour of this Josh says "Kash your driving me crazy!" Kash starts yelling " i not makin messes, I not makin messes, i not makin messes!" Kash wasn't doing anything........just a guilty consience. Another thing Kash is into is "NEber Again!" If I make him pick up his toys he will look at me and say "i not going no where wit you neber AGAIN!" I just laugh and say "okay you can stay home. " he changes his mind pretty quick, or in the car, I will make him get in his seat and he will yell at me " u not going to gammas neber again!" He is so naughty! But that little smirk he gives me just melts my heart. Kash at the same time is my sweetheart, he has to give my "hugs" every morning as I get him dressed. I love it!
Harlie Rae she is growing so fast she is walking all over hanging on to the furniture and stands, until she realizes she is standing!!! She just turned 10 months old and FINALLY got her first tooth the morning she turned 10 months so she was pretty slow. Harlie loves the bigger kids she will just giggle at them if they even just talk to her. She is such a good baby, but she is learning to throw little tantrums when the kids take things from her. She is very independent, don't try to help her eat she can do it herself....;) She is shaking her head no, and yes, she waves bye bye, she pretends to talk on the phone, says mama and dada and just started saying bye bye. It is so cute. When you try to see her new tooth she will shake her head no at you, she doesn' t like you touching it! She is such a good baby we sure do love her!
I am going to try lots harder to do better at this blogging thing! SO theres what our little family has been up to, check back soon for some pics!!!


  1. Glad to see you are back to the blogging too. It was a long hard summer. Your kids are darling.