Tuesday, January 12, 2010

pray for the princesses.........

So as most of you know, Nevada is completely obsessed with the Disney Princesses, she loves all of them, her most favorite though is sleeping beauty. When we talk about the baby coming she says she doesn't want a baby brother cause " I already have one!!!" she wants a sister and her name is Sleeping Beauty, I ask her "what about Bella or Allie?!?!?" "NO MOM, it is sleeping beauty!" So I don' t know what we are going to do about that?! Anyways last night during family prayer, Josh was saying it and Nevada whispered " Dad....." "what Nevada" he answered..... "Don't forget to pray for the princesses dad!" she said! It was so cute it was hard to stay in concentration of what we were doing, and yes of course Josh did pray for the princesses. She is growing up so much. She is so smart, she has quite the little personality!! We love her and it is hard to remember life without our kids we love them both so much!

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