Friday, January 22, 2010

Snowman building and sleigh riding!!!


Today daddy got home from work and it wasn't dark yet, so I told Nevada lets go build a snowman, Josh had to go to the farm to cage up some chickens so we decided to go and build him down at the farm. So Nevada and I built a snowman while Daddy, and Grandpa gathered chickens, Kash had no idea what me and Nevada were doing so he fallowed the MEN around!! There wasn't much selection for arms or about anything for our snowman, so we had to be a little creative, we took some rocks out of the chicken pen for our snowman's eyes, nose and mouth. Nevada said " our snowman likes to eat dirt and chicken poop HUH mom?!?!" Then when we got home we sent the kids sleigh riding down the hill in front of the house, Nevada was in 7th heaven and when we put Kash in the sled, he would say " NO, NO, NO, NO " until we pushed them down then he loved it but the anticipation of what was coming he hated!!!!

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