Friday, December 24, 2010


our mouse
Nevada and Daddy
our little lamb really concentrating
Nevada and her "winning" flowers
our lamb
our cute little bon bon
our angel

Nevada was just in her very first nutcracker performance, she did so good. We are so proud of her. I loved watching her do the same dances that I did a long time ago! ha ha ha. There were quite a few dances that she had to skip in, and I could not stop laughing, she does it so cute. She will run three or four steps then hop on her left foot, then she will RUN three or four more step then hop on her left foot, and that is how she skips! I love it. This little girl absolutely loves dancing, she always is telling me that "I can't wait to dance like the big girls!" She loves the older girls in her dance company and could watch them all day! At the performance Josh and I got her a little bouquet of flowers and after her last dance I was in the back and she came running off the stage and said "mom where did you get those?" I said " they are for you Nevada!" Then she YELLED " I won flowers cause I did such a good job!" ha ha ha I had to laugh. I love the confidence this little girl has. I know she will be able to accomplish anything she wants in life, she is so determined! I love you little Diva and I can't wait to watch you in more performances!!

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  1. How adorable!!:) I can't believe how big she is getting!! You have such cute kids!!