Saturday, May 14, 2011


Kash loves to pray and he thinks anytime someone else is praying, that he needs to pray too. So in church Kash is saying quite a few prayers. :) Kashs prayers usually consist of "thank you for my checher (teacher), thank you for my guys (his action figures), thank you for this food, thank you for my mom, dad, ada and harwee. I love Jesus amen!" When Kash is praying he thinks there is no reason to say it quietly, let everyone hear his prayers.

A couple of days after Easter, Kash was sitting at the table waiting for dinner, as I was finishing a few things up, I was listening to Kash rambling on talking to Nevada, Kash says "those bad guys put pokies in Jesus hands, those bad guys put pokies in his feets too, and those bad guys put pokies in hims head too, " By now I'm really listening and so is Nevada, so I turn to Kash and said "then what happened Kash?" Kash said " Then mom the bad guys hunged him up on a cross and Jesus died mom." By now I'm really starting to tear up, On Easter Sunday it was such a horrible morning, the kids were being so naughty and grouchy, I couldn't find someones shoes, Josh's shirt needed ironed and I couldn't find anything to wear and I could swear that there was absolutely, no way we were going to make it to church by nine, nothing was going right, I kept asking Josh "Josh why are we doing this? We are a mess?!"but we went anyways and at this moment it is confirming as to why we go to church, we want our kids to have the knowledge we were raised with. So I sat down next to Kash and asked him "what happened next?" Kash Said " mom Jesus died and they put him behind a big wock, and then Jesus spirit came back to him and he moved the big wock, and him camed back to life." I was so proud of him, and so grateful that we kept chugging that morning to make it to church, I am also so grateful for such a patient nursery leader to teach him, he loves Connie, she is amazing.

We love you man cub, thank you for keeping us on our toes! :)

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