Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today, we went fishing as a family, I am not much of a fisherman at ALL! But we got a bunch of snacks, the sun was shining, Josh wasn't at work, and I wanted out of the house, so I agreed to go along. I always am teasing Josh of that, he likes fishing but in the 7 years I've been with him, I've never seen him catch a fish, :) I always ask him if he really knows how!. ha ha
So we headed out to Hawkins, and Harlie has been running a fever so she fell asleep on our way there, so we parked right by where we were going to be fishing rolled the windows down and let her stay sleeping. Josh forgot to bring some sinkers so we were pretty creative and made some of our own. Well surprise surprise, Nevada and Kash didn't take long before they ended up getting in the water, they are such fish.....Josh kept telling them to be careful or they were going to fall down in the water while they were wading, and get soaking wet. Well Josh decided to cast again and when he threw out the line he lost his balance and about fell in, he slid clear down right to the water, I could not stop laughing it was so funny, although it would have more have made my day, had he gone all the way in!!! I love the pictures I got right after, Josh is laughing so hard :) Well after about 2 hours of catching NOTHING :) HA HA we went for a drive. I love days that we get to spend as a family, even if we don't catch any FISH :)

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  1. Looks like you guys had a good time, Kash looks so adorable sitting there fishing in his cowboy hat! I love all the blog post lately...keep 'em coming! :)